Fresh off their scintillating performances at Reading and Leeds Festival, the summery four piece Sundara Karma have released a music video to accompany new single ‘She Said’. The exuberant and energetic vibes of youth are certainly evident through the punchy, infectiously happy riffs combined with Oscar Lulu’s vocals that are so smooth and sweet they could feature on the next Galaxy Bar adverts. The raw yet subtle mischief of post-teenage years are demonstrated through the promiscuous and suggestive opening moments of the video before the poised maturity of a band unafraid to express themselves kicks in and nonchalant shots of each member follow.

The release date, towards the end of summer, is upsetting as ‘She Said’ is filled with the optimism of a summer sizzling head-banger. Because of the uplifting nature of the track, the deceptively personal lyrics take a while to really hit home. A relatable tale of ‘teenage love’ is told that has a girl torn between going out ‘chasing’ yet who wants to ‘forget about the guys’. The lyrics perfectly demonstrate the inner conflict of teenage relationships, with a guy ‘acting like he doesn’t care but really he’s the most self-aware’ as he finds himself cheekily ‘flirting with the girls who play it coy’.

‘She Said’ gives added reason to be excited for the release of the quartet’s debut album ‘Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect’ on 6th January. It is a perfect blend of sprightly enthusiasm and reflective, charismatic. If this single is anything to go by this band’s youth will have been one to remember in a stellar retrospect.