It’s the return of the Van. The Bottlemen are back with their new single ‘Soundcheck’ ahead of the anticipated release of their second album. It shows a key development to their sound since the release of their debut LP ‘The Balcony’ last year.
The length of the song demonstrates this development, the fact it is nearly four and a half minutes long means it is the second longest track they have released. It has allowed them to explore various styles in a much deeper fashion, fuzzy guitar noodles hitting before an explosive yet impressively controlled chorus as McCan ponders the allure of a prospective beau as she convinces him to ‘put life aside’.
He appears to be blown away by her beauty ‘racing through soundcheck just to meet you on your fag break’ as he ‘wanted everything at once’. Yet he comes to realise that she may not suit him and he wishes to be left alone in regret of his blind pursuit, lamenting ‘I don’t need nothing’, pleading to be left alone.
The additional breadth created also paves the way for McCan’s superb vocals to shine, which have such seamless range that the group are able to adapt to a wider scope of sounds with effortless ease, this being all too evident on ‘Soundcheck’.
Despite this wider reaching approach, ‘Soundcheck’ still contains what made Catfish so successful originally: the exuberant choruses and energetic riffs. This is a single filled with great promise and fans of The Bottlemen have reason to be optimistic that they will triumph in conquering second-album syndrome.
Feb 18th, 2016